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Registration procedures


As a seller

As suppliers only participate those who are confirmed (with contract concluded) as exhibitors at the trade show event and approved the evaluation.

The registration processfor a supplier company is a follows:

1.      Once registered, the exhibitor will receive confirmation via e-mail of acceptance at the business matchmaking. 

2.      The detailed exhibitors profile and description of your products or service, will allow an effective appointment scheduling with the buyers.

3.     The exhibitors general and product information will be enable in a search engine; the buyer will be able to select the exhibitor they which to meet contact according to their interest.

4.      The system allows you to block the times where you don·t wish to schedule business appointments.

5.      Exhibitors who registered through the portal for the business matchmaking will be subject to confirmation by the organizers.

6.     Is vital to confirm the assitance of the registered attendee (preferable the CEO or the person in charge of business) as a participant  at the business matchmaking.




07 February 2019